US Supreme Court Justice Ginsberg: South Africa has a better Constitution model than US.

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With  conservative eyes and focus on the upcoming primaries, candidate vetting, and general election, sometimes a bit of news such as this is lost. A hat tip to for locating this little nugget.

US Supreme Court Justice Ginsburg tells Egyptians: Don’t look to the “OLD US Constitution” for guidance in drafting a new constitution. Justice Ginsburg holds in high esteem the  constitution of South Africa and Canada.

So, Patriots, as you vet candidates, work on campaigns for House, Senate, Presidential, and local offices,  I encourage you to pay close attention to those in the judicial branch.

The judicial branch of government is the most overlooked segment of our elections. I remember in 2010, numerous individuals wrote me, down to the wire, on the General Election because they had completely forgotten about judges on the ballots. Many had no idea whom they should or shouldn’t support. How many judges won by default? How many were voted on and approved by well intentioned individuals that really had no clue about the Judge on the ballot?

We must ensure that this year is truly the year of the Tea Party. How do we do that? We pay attention, we vet candidates in all branches, we ask questions, seek truthful information, and make informed decisions. Don’t wait to the last minute to realize you haven’t considered the judicial branch in the upcoming elections.

One source I reference is Judgepedia

Additionally, conduct a google search for judicial review in your state. My state has

This site offers some valuable information as well.


2012, the Year of the Tea Party!


Darla Dawald, National Director



  • Colorado43

    This is just another reason Why they should not be allowed to continue as a Judge. Age and lack of intelligence !

  • christian

    Well Ms. Ginsberg, do we need to take up a collection or can you afford to get there on your own? Do you need help in filling out your passport application if you don’t have one already? They could really use a good liberal judge due to all the mayhem that takes place on their beaches every year. So what’s the hold up, my dear? Do you need a personal invitation? I am sure it can be arranged. In any event just let us know and we will be more than happy to help expedite things for you!

  • Kenneth A. Jenkins

    Speaking to Egyptian TV Al-Hayat….amazing that now the Muslim Brotherhood are running things, they welcome this old bat that should’ve been retired years ago.  Under Muslim beliefs she wouldn’t even have a voice let alone an office in the judiciary.  A woman and Jewish at that.  Wow!  What a piece of work.

  • jere fredenburgh

    Neither of these Constitutions has a Bill of Rights and in particular the 2nd Amendment.  Unarmed become subjects not citizens.

  • Ken

    Go ahead and use our Constitution.  We are not and someone should.

  • Carlos

    Whoa! The last thing we need, is for a Supreme Court Justice to fold, while Barry is still POTUS. That would be the end, for sure.

  • Darla Dawald, National Director

    What in the world is  woman like this doing representing the USA? This is the kind of thing we need to prevent in the future. People need to be making a big deal out of these kinds statements from Justices.

    I do not understand why people like her stay here in the first place. LEAVE!!


  • Mona Freeman

    You must remember that Judge Ginsburg was a Clinton
    appointee same as Judge Breyer.  When you
    have a socialist/Democrat appointee you can only expect socialist/democrat

    Now that Obama has appointed Sotomayor and Kagan you will
    notice more socialist/Marxist style ruling coming from them.

    Judge Roberts, Judge Alito were appointed by GW Bush while
    Judge Thomas was appointed by HW Bush.

    Judge Scalia and Judge Kennedy were appointed by R.

    If a Supreme Court Judge is a conservative you can expect
    them to go by Our Constitution, if they are a socialist/democrat/Marxist then
    they will go by Hitler, Mussolini, Hideki Tojo and Emperor Hirohito, the
    Japanese leaders, and Mao Tse Tung and Chiang Kai-shek, leaders of China.

    Just one thought Obama’s political strategist who served
    as White House Communications Director, Anita Dunn said she looked to the
    political philosophy of Mao Tse Tung.  It
    seems as if BHO does also, since he surrounds himself with so many of them.

  • J. D. & Terrie Bailey

    Hang on old biddy until after the Nov. elections so that the new POTUS can replace you ’cause your ole socialistic brother will be GONE with a cap. G.  This ole bird reminds me of my wife’s 86 year old mother and the only word I can think to describe her is – DEMON!

  • S. Phillip Stein

    Ginsberg is one of at least three who think like her on the SCOTUS. It’s shameful, but she’s always been a leftist “progressive.’ That’s why Bill Clinton nominated her to the Supreme Court.  Such events happen whenever we have a Democrat administration.

    The best part of present day Ginsberg is that she’s near retirement, I don’t see her hanging around much longer. I can’t imagine her being a Justice through a Republican administration, provided we will win the next presidential election.

    What is even more questionable is why she bothered to address her opinion to an Egyptian governmental body. What would a Constitution, even remotely resembling ours or the other three she mentions as models, mean to an Egyptian government led by the Muslim Brotherhhod?

     Her remarks couldn’t have been for any other reason but to vent her frustration that the Obama “take-over” hasn’t been complete enough. I don’t attribute her ideology to her advanced age or condition, a leftist is a leftist is a leftist. That is a permanent illness and isn’t curable.

  • Michael Boyd

    America’s  Founders understood that government will become a tyranny if given too much power.  Ginsberg, in another display of liberal tyranny, demonstrates the veracity of our Founders.    Yes….November, 2012 cannot come soon enough!  It is so time for Americans to vomit these people out!!!

  • Jackie L Taylor

    This only proves that the Supreme Court is a low-life, liberal, communist entity that serves only their masters.  What do they do, appoint the dumbest people they can find to the SCOTUS?  Ginsberg isn’t smart enough to come in out of the rain and all members are complicit in the theft of the presidency by Barack Hussein Obama and his puppet masters.

  • steve costa

    Then RESIGN from the bench,renounce your citizenship and GO THERE! Permanently! Take your whiny nasal twang with you.


  • Joseph A. Curry

    The reason it is one of the oldest still in existance is that it is an enduring document that approaches perfection moreso than the countries whose constitutions change every few years. Apparently they haven’t gotten it right as yet. Too bad the learned justice cannot realize that.

  • JC Mendocha

    please use my credit card to pay for your ticket to S. Africa.  you like the way S. Africa is doing things, then that is where you should live.

    go, please, just go.

  • Tom D. Weatherred

    The sad thing is the Justice Ginsburg is certainly old and has always been a left wing zealot, but she is dangerous because she is intelligent.  She can make an argument that can sway more moderate liberal to her way of thinking, especially those young liberals (like I was many year ago) who believe that anything 200 years old has to be replaced.  Now I know how foolish it is and how those who espouse it border on treason and the destruction of the U.S.

  • Donald DaCosta

    Justice Ginsburg does not have to think the US Constitution is the best of its type but she has to adhere to it in deliberating the legal issues which come before the highest court in the land. She avers early on that she is “operating under a rather old constitution” which could be construed to mean that she recognizes her obligation to rule accordingly but certainly leaves open the question of how her personal view influences her opinions.

    As for the rest of her sanguine view of the turmoil in Egypt, unless she’s adopting the role of a diplomat, tip toeing around stark reality, her assessment of the situation there is worrisome, to say the least but no different than that of Obama, his administration, the media, academia and the U.S. Military so she’s probably well within her comfort zone. Group think does not just afflict the “great unwashed.”

    As to the “Constitutional equivalents” from South Africa and Canada all ought to dig in and make their own comparisons before denigrating this sweet old lady. But, be that as it may, her assessment of the political situation in Egypt doesn’t instill confidence that this “sweet old lady” is up to the task of insuring that the U.S. Constitution remains the supreme law of the land.

    One further point. The U.S. Constitution has been amended 27 times, the XXVII on May 7th, 1992 so the good judge’s inference that this is a very old, outdated document, while it’s a favorite criticism from the Left, is a bit disingenuous.

  • Darla Dawald, National Director

    Great Point Donald!


  • Mark Peterson

    The fact that we have the oldest operating constitution in the world is a testament to its greatness, however, there certainly is room for improved.  We are not equal in the eyes of the constitution.  We do not have equal access to the law.

  • Doug Clarke

    That CREEPY shrew should be the first “judge” KICKED OFF  THE BENCH AS A TRAITOR TO AMERICA !!!

    When IT is gone from the court, America will be a much better Country !!!!



  • RandallG

    Excellent. Another example of a left wing liberal bent on destroying liberty. I cannot believe that a supreme court justice would not defend the constitution. The left truly want National Socialism, or Communism. They just can’t decide which is best for the American people TRAITORS!!! They should be hung.

  • Tony Bulver

    Judge Ginsberg is an insult to our Judiciary system. To call our Constitution “an old constitution” as if it were an old worn out shoe, is beyond comprehension. Her job is not to help other nations develop a constitution, it’s to comply with our own Constitution and to see to it that all lower courts adhere to the same Constitution. Unfortunately, she isn’t even performing her own job effectively. The sooner she retires and is replaced by a judge who will abide by the limits of our own Consitution, the better.

  • Gary Smith

    If we go by what the document states about itself then at least party of it was  created with guidance from our creator. I’m betting he has done a better job than anyone in Egypt Africa can do. Progressive crap sucks. We need a regressive party that would push for return to our origins. It is a great well thought document that has served us well for over 200 years. Where did she grow up to get those  beliefs?

    She and Margaret Sanger must have be related. God bless our country. We need his guidance again.

  • Allen Godin

    Nothing new here, her animus toward the Constitution has been known for a long time, and has been evident in her career on the supreme court. These Justices think of themselves has high priests of the government. I don’t think even the more conservative Justices think any differently.

    Judges like those in Georgia who just ruled in Obama’s favor after the disrespect show to him by Obama’s blowing off the entire hearing are now our rulers and don’t tell them any differently.

    I think I’ll leave it at that before I suggest something that will get me banned.

    Angry doesn’t begin to express what I feel and what we should all feel for an official of the United States government that shows this lack of respect for this nation by their disrespect for our Supreme Law.

  • Silver Fox

    This nut-job needs to renounce her citizenship and move to South Africa; after Obama is defeated.   Her job is to uphold the US Constitution as written… period!

  • Dan Lawler

    Ms Ginsberg please stay alive for another 358 days. After that the new occupant of the white house can appoint a real judge that really swears to uphold our great old constitution. Not babbling Marxists fools like you Breyer, Kagan and Sotomayor. Hopefully then Barry Soetoro will be tried for the treasonous actions while squatting in the white house.

  • Wes McKay

    Every ‘ HELL-O-WEEN ‘  I expect her to fly-away on her broom.

    Now she has …  ‘  Kagan and Sotomayor ‘  anchoring her down.

    This branch of government was the biggest mistake our founders made.


    5-4 … 5-4 … 5-4 … 5-4 … 5-4 … 5-4 … 5-4 … 5-4 … 5-4 … 5-4 … 5-4


    God Bless America … and … Please give us some … COMMON SENSE !

  • michael smith

    You suggested googling.  Don’t google anything, Google is the enemy of freedom, it supports socialism, communism, are hypocrites, and the list goes on.  The latest being the SOPA issue.  Use any search engine but gaggle.