Sarah Palin CPAC Speech…President Obama we are through with you!

Patriot Action Network

If you haven’t seen and or heard the Sarah Palin CPAC speech you need to! Sarah was in top form and continued her speech and chants of USA in the midst of protestors that interrupted her speech.

One of the quotes from this inspirational lady:

The Tea Party rose up because Americans woke up. And our movement, it is bigger than one person, it is bigger than one candidate, it’s bigger than one party. It is about one country united together under God.

We aren’t  red Americans, we aren’t blue Americans, we are red, white, and blue Americans and President Obama we are through with you!


Michael Medved of the Daily Beast wrote:

Sarah Palin won CPAC’s heart—electrifying the Conservative Political Action Conference with one of the most rousing and effective political speeches of recent years.

And Matt Negrin of ABC likened the energy and cheers to that of a packed concert:

A dozen times the conservatives at the conference leaped to their feet to applaud Palin, as she threw them line after line about beating President Obama and reclaiming ‘traditional values.’


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