About Us


Patriot Action Network is the nation’s largest conservative social action network, serving hundreds of thousands of citizens every month. We are united by our passion for re-establishing Constitution-based liberty and limited government through dialogue, debate, legislation and elections.


Not only is the Patriot Action Network the LARGEST active social hub of the Patriot Movement… we’re also the official social action network of [high2]Grassfire Nation[/high2] and the 1.8 MILLION PATRIOT members of Grassfire.com.




Why “Patriot”?

Because that’s who we are! We believe in the greatness

of our nation, in our Constitution, in God-given liberty

and limited government.


Why “Action”?

Because that’s what we do! We have a place in the

political debate because we are among the best

informed and most engaged citizens in our nation.

We research. We read. We rally. We write. We petition.

We call. We fax. We vote. We stand.


Why “Network”?

Because that’s where we meet, at the intersection

of the great town square and the latest “Web 2.0”

internet technologies. And we’re just beginning!