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Patriot Action Network is one of the nation’s largest conservative social action networks, serving hundreds of thousands of citizens every month. We are united by our passion for re-establishing Constitution-based liberty and limited government through dialogue, debate, legislation and elections.


Not only is the Patriot Action Network the LARGEST active social hub of the Patriot Movement… we’re also the official social action network of Grassfire Nation and the 1.8 MILLION PATRIOT members of



Giant Rear-Window ReStickers™

Send A Powerful Message That Can’t Be Missed!

Grassfire Nation (our parent organization) has taken our revolutionary “Re-Stickers”™ — the best stickers on earth — and created a giant, rear-window “Don’t Tread On Me” version that sends the biggest and strongest message possible.

Measuring a full three feet across and 18 inches tall, our “Don’t Tread” Rear-Winder ReStickers™ are 24 times the size of a traditional bumper sticker and can be seen up to a HALF-MILE AWAY — while still allowing those inside the car to see out.* And like our other ReStickers™, these super-sized stickers can be removed and re-used.

Visible From A Half-Mile Away!

Our rear-window ReStickers™ are designed to fit most cars, vans, SUVs and pickup trucks and are available for just $50. Grassfire Nation has produced a very limited quantity of each of two Rear-Window ReStickers™ — each featuring the “Don’t Tread” flag colors on the outline of the United States.

Check out this video and see them in action…. stick and unstick… No Mess!

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